Information about the New Year

Hello Everyone,

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!

I will still be able to do Look Ups from what I have in my own collection this coming year. Now I may be traveling this winter so I would like to start maybe in April to go and do look ups again at the Courthouse in Sanilac County.

Now I have everyone requests for Courthouse look ups and will be going through them during the winter months while I am gone. When I get back I will contact you and see if you still need a look up at the Courthouse.

Now if you are new and would like me to do a look up I still can do that with what I have here at home and when while I am gone, then I can add you to my list of Courthouse look ups if you need me too do that for you. Now my list is big already but if you are not in a big hurry I would be glad to add you to my Courthouse list to do in April.

Thanks and Have a wonderful New Year!!!

Kathy Wedyke
Retired Library Director


Monette L. Cortez said...

Hi There, I would like to find a death date for Jeremiah Thomas who lived in Sanilac, Sanilac, MI. It was after 1880 and his wife was Susan V. Jeremiah was born in Oh or NY.Thanks so much. Monette L. Cortez monettec2015@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, I am looking for any information I can find about Nelson and Elizabeth Barwick. They are shown living there in the 1860 and 70 census. I am primarily interested in their son Thomas who was with them in 1860 but relocated to Wayne Co. by 1870 where I have never found any further information. Very interested if there was any obituary for Nelson (died 1879) or Elizabeth (dies 1902) or any kind of will/land records that might give me a clue about Thomas at the time of his parents deaths.

Thank you for any help,
Vern Vogt

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,

While renovating my Marlette home I found a book in the wall. The name Dorothy Petersen was written on the cover. The copyright on the book was 1910. The only thing I have been able to find is a deed showing Henry W. Petersen purchased the property on March 13, 1911. I would like to find out who Dorothy was and if the Petersen's built the home. I would appreciate any help you could provide me with solving the mystery.

Thank you,
M. Baxter


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