Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to tell everyone on this blog that my dad passed away 3 weeks ago. It was very sudden, like I mentioned before in previous posts that he had gone into Assisted Living and was enjoying it so much. He was 87 and had been a very active man who just enjoyed life right until the end.

Well, we are in the process of all the paperwork and going through his home so we will be working all that for a while. So if you look down to the last post you will see that there are two names of people that may be able to help you. I can try and help with things I have here at home, I have some marriage record indexes, cemetery index, and a 1894 and 1906 plat books. So I will try and help as much as I can.

Talk to all of you real soon!!

Kathy Wedyke
Retired Librarian