Sanilac County Lookups.

I will do look ups from home with the Indexes and Books I have here, I have the following Indexes Cemetery, Marriage 1849-1912, some births 1867-1877, Death 1889-1893. I have the book called Biographical Sketches of Sanilac County's War heroes. This may help you if you would like to contact the Sanilac County Courthouse if I find your ancestor and request a copy of the information I find for you. There is a cost for this and you can look on their site for how much.

Kathy Wedyke
Retired Library Director


rlittlef said...

Hi. I'm trying to find info on my great great grandmother. Her married name was Jane Osborn. Haven't found her maiden name. I believe she died around Sept. 1858 - maybe in child birth. My great grandmother was born that month. Jane does not appear on the 1860 census with her husband (Joseph) and three children in township of Sanilac. Any information would be appreciated. Bob Littlefield 10-31-09

Anonymous said...

I requested the marriage record of James Colham and Leah Willfelt 20 Nov 1865, almost a year ago. Cound someone please send a copy of it to my email at mbeesley01@yahoo.com, the lack of this vital record has stalled me in my research.
Thank you
Michelle Culhane Beesley

gsjenks said...

Mrs. Wedyke,

I hope your father is well and your enjoying the holidays with family.

My name is Scott Jenks and I'm living in Atlanta, GA. While researching my family I have found my Great Great Grandparents, James and Charlotte "Francis" Weir in the 1900 Federal Census living in Marlette, Sanilac, Michigan. They had two children while living there, my Great Grandmother, Pearl (b.1884) and her sister Lydia (b.1888). I am seeking the Marriage Certificate for James and Charlotte F Weir and the Birth Certificate for Pearl May Weir. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

If this information can be validated, I do have photographs of Pearl, Lydia, James and Charlotte to share with the historical society.

Thank you,

Scott Jenks

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Diane said...

Hi does anyone have pictures of the little white schoolhouse (with steeple!) in Argyle, MI? I went there for kindergarten and would love to see some pictures...thank you!

Diane L
Riverside, CA

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barb Neumann said...

I am trying to find out more about my great grandfather. His name is John Edward Owens. They lived in Speaker township in 1900. I am trying to find out what his parents name were. They cam e up form Chicago. Or what part of Sweden they came from. My e-mail addess is barb.neumann@yahoo.com .

Barb Neumann

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