Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to keep all of you updated about how things are doing with me and the Sanilac County Lookups.

I will do look ups from home with the Indexes and Books I have here, I have the following Indexes Cemetery, Marriage 1849-1912, some births 1867-1877, Death 1889-1893. I have the book called Biographical Sketches of Sanilac County's War heroes. This may help you if you would like to contact the Sanilac County Courthouse if I find your ancestor and request a copy of the information I find for you. There is a cost for this and you can look on their site for how much.

I cannot get to the Courthouse right now because my dad had to go into Assisted Living so we have been dealing with that right now. We live 100 miles from him so that is a challenge. We had to apply for VA Benefits which just came in after about 5 months of waiting and worrying. We are so happy he has been accepted. Now we have to deal with his home and going through his things and see what we want to keep or sell. Wow, there is so much to all of this but we are getting through it and my dad is really enjoying his new apartment at the Assisted Living Facility, this is what it is all about!!!

I have found two very nice people that are willing to help with lookups in the following areas. Please realize they are only doing lookups for the Marlette and Worth Township areas.

Amy Brown - Marlette area

Marsha Senyk - Worth Township area msenyk06@comcast.net

Thanks again for your kindness and your patients, you all are wonderful!!!!! Genealogists are wonderful people!!!!

Now please enjoy the rest of the site until I can come back and can do your look ups.
I am so sorry for the inconvenience!!!!

Kathy Wedyke
Retired Library Director